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Alison Douglas: David v Goliath - Lessons from Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland

November 19, 2017

In the ten years since the concept of minimum unit pricing (MUP) was first mooted in Scotland, it has gone from being perceived as an extreme proposal by public health advocates to a mainstream policy with widespread public and political support. In 2012, MUP legislation was passed unopposed in the Scottish Parliament. Despite losing the policy argument, global alcohol producers continued to oppose this life-saving measure, challenging its legality.

In this video interview with Alison Douglas, Chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, shares about her Global Alcohol Policy Conference presentation, David v Goliath: Lessons from Minimum Pricing in Scotland. Ms Douglas gives us an ex-government insider’s view of how MUP became accepted as a proportionate and appropriate response to the alcohol problem in Scotland, and the role of advocacy organisations in achieving this.

Ms Douglas also highlighted the critical role small advocacy organisations, such as Alcohol Focus Scotland, can play in strengthening the case for intervention going forward.