Sports psychologist says it’s high time to rid alcohol sponsorship from sport

September 18, 2017

Sports psychologist Jeff Bond says the AFL is effectively encouraging kids to drink and gamble. Jeff Bond has worked with the Sydney Swans, St Kilda Saints and Richmond Tigers. He says alcohol and gambling are significant problems within the League, and its choice of major sponsors is damaging the sport. 


Pregnant women shouldn’t drink. Full stop.

September 6, 2017

A mother of two boys with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder says every drink a pregnant mother takes damages her unborn child.

But Anne Russell says that’s often not the advice being given to Australian women. 

She told Di Martin with so many mixed messages around FASD drinking and pregnancy it’s high time Australia had a national campaign to clear the air.


Big Alcohol channels Big Tobacco to derail NT Alcohol Review

August 15, 2017

Michael Thorn and Walkley Award winner Di Martin launch Drink Tank’s foray into the world of Podcasts

FARE’s Chief Executive Michael Thorn says Australia’s alcohol industry is using Big Tobacco’s shady and deceptive tactics to stop much needed alcohol reform in the Northern Territory.

Mr Thorn says alcohol industry submissions to the Territory’s Alcohol review deliberately try to mislead the inquiry.

In Drink Tank’s first podcast, Michael speaks to former ABC RN presenter, and guest contributor with FARE, Di Martin. He begins by describing the extent of the Territory’s alcohol problem, and FARE’s simple solution to minimizing harm.